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Requirements: Latest version of Windows 10 or 11

Download For Windows


Requirements: MacOS 10.15 or higher

Download For MacOS


Are you storing my FLPs?

No. Only the information from the FLP is stored on our servers.

All FLP processing to get this data is done locally on your computer; your FLP NEVER leaves your PC.

How long does it take to scan projects?

It takes on average 0.8 seconds for a single project to be scanned.

Depending on the amount of FLPs and PC, scanning can take from 4 mins (609 FLPs) to 9 mins (1212 FLPs)

My computer says that Dawstats is a virus

These are all false positive, you can safely ignore these warnings.

Dawstats is flagged to be malicious due to me not being able to afford valid software certificates.

Will there be support for other DAWs like Ableton?

If there is a large demand we will start working on a solution for Ableton.

Tag us on our socials or join the discord to suggest DAWs to support or any other features.

Will this break my FLPs?

No, Dawstats only has the ability to read FLPs, it cannot modify or remove FLPs.