Dawstats: Uncover Your FL Studio Stats and View The Most Used VST Plugins

November 14, 2023 by NeoFox

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What is Dawstats?

Dawstats is an innovative tool designed to empower music producers by providing in-depth insights into their production statistics. With Dawstats, you can uncover valuable data about your most frequently used VST Plugins, view hours spent producing, and explore charts highlighting the popularity of various VST plugins, all based on real data.

View Your Most Used VST Plugins And Top VST Effects

Dawstats empowers you, as a music producer, to gain a clear understanding of your creative process. By scanning your project files, you can instantly access a breakdown of your most frequently used VST plugins and effects.
You can view your most used VST plugins and effects used in the last 30 days, this year, or alltime.

View Your Production Time

Ever wondered how much time you have dedicated to music production? Dawstats provides you with the ability to view your daily, yearly, and overall production hours. This feature offers a transparent view of your dedication and commitment to your music journey.

Chart from the Dawstats dashboard showing how much hours a user has produced in 30 days
Your time producing can be viewed in your Dawstats dashboard

View Detailed Insights Into Your Creative Process

In addition to your top plugins and production time, Dawstats allows you to view your top 5 projects based on time spent and your most commonly used tempos. This wealth of information allows you to view a visual representation of your music production process and style.

Shareable Dawstats Profile

Sharing your most used VST plugins, and hours producing has never been easier. Dawstats allows users to effortlessly share their profiles with others. This feature simplifies the process of showcasing your production statistics and dedication to fellow producers, fans, and collaborators.

View The Best VST Plugins With Dawstats Charts

Finding the top VST plugins everyone is using has never been easier. Explore the Dawstats charts page, which highlights the top 50 most used VST plugins and effects, based on unbiased data from real FL Studio users. Dawstats charts allows you to discover new trending plugins that you can add to your workflow.

Unlock Your Producing Potential

It's absolutely free, experience the freedom of unlimited project tracking, a completely ad-free journey, and insights you won't get anywhere else. Ready to join the fun? Create your Dawstats profile, fire up the installer, and watch your stats come to life in 5 minutes or less.
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